Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting

New Vestry Members, Lay Delegates, and Alternate Lay Delegates

On Sunday, January 29, the people of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church elected these five members to a three-year term on the Vestry: Jim Key, Victor Lamas, Jennifer Macia, Priscilla Plumb, and Linda Sylvan. Elected to a two-year term as Lay Delegates to the Annual Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas were Libby Spoede and John Wallace. Elected to a one-year term as Alternate Lay Delegates were Gretta Boshara, Peter Gascoyne, Burdette Keeland, and Catherine Thompson.

"For their willingness to serve our congregation, I want to thank both those who were elected and who appeared with them on the slates for Vestry, Lay Delegates, and Alternate Lay Delegates, including Gretta Boshara, Michael Chambers, Suzie Dennis, Peter Gascoyne, Burdette Keeland, Jim Key, Kip Krause, Victor Lamas, Jennifer Macia, Priscilla Plumb, Libby Spoede, Ric Stoll, Linda Sylvan, Catherine Thompson, John Wallace, and Shannon Westin. I hope you'll express to them your own personal word of thanks for their present leadership and their participation in this election over the weekend. We are bless to call them sisters and brothers in Christ."

The Rev. Neil Alan Willard, Rector