Serve Sunday


Serve Sunday

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Serve Sunday is August 19!
The next Serve Sunday is almost here! On Serve Sunday we all have the opportunity to connect with our neighbors and serve our community. There are ways for every Palmer, from the youngest to the oldest, to participate. Check the Palmer website or visit the breezeway table for a list of projects and sign up for a team!

On the morning of a Serve Sunday after the 7:45 and 10:00 AM worship services, we will be commissioned and sent out in the world around us to serve and to listen to our neighbors. There will be a variety of opportunities for service that parishioners will be invited to sign up for ahead of time. There will also be an opportunity to serve for families with young children and those with limited mobility. The invitation is really to be the church in the neighborhoods beyond our walls. 

For more information, contact Kelly Williams at Click here to read an article about our most recent Serve Sunday!

Serve Sunday April 30, 2017 Photo Gallery