Christian Formation


Christian Formation

Christian formation is the lifelong process of growing in our relationship with God, self, others, and all creation. Every experience in our lives can provide us with the opportunity to express our faith; the challenge we face is recognizing these opportunities and learning ways to live a sometimes countercultural life in a secular world.

At the heart of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church is a dynamic, growing faith community of children, youth and adults! Our programs aim to foster God’s love in a progressive, inclusive setting.

For more information, please contact Roger Hutchison, Palmer's Director of Christian Formation and Parish Life.

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  Christian Formation - Winter/Spring 2017

Now through April 26

Sunday Morning - 10:00 am-11:00 am

The Rector’s Forum – The Rector’s Forum is a conversation about faith that is often an interview with a member of the congregation or a guest from the community. So get your coffee, take a seat, and join us as together we are reminded that God is both present and active within and beyond the walls of our churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Note that our guest speaker on Sunday, February 5, will be Dr. Stephen Klineberg of the Kinder Institute at Rice University.St. Bede's Chapel with The Reverend Neil Willard

The Rector’s Reception – We invite you to join us on the third Sunday of each month for conversation, coffee and refreshments in St. Bede’s Chapel.  This is an informal gathering that will give parishioners a chance to connect with people, including those who are new to Palmer.  The Evangelism Committee will host this monthly event. – St. Bede's Chapel with The Reverend Neil Willard

Parents of Young Children – All parents of young children are invited to come to the Canterbury Room for fellowship and conversation with a supportive group of other caring parents. We welcome newcomers! – Canterbury Room

Bible Class: Gospel of John - This class considers the Gospel of John, its theology, and its relationship to the Synoptic Gospels. The teacher provides a study guide based on his readings in the New Interpreter’s Bible, the Anchor Bible, and the Literary Guide to the Bible. We are not following a schedule because we want to allow for as much class discussion as the class wants. - The Family Room with Allen Sparkman, Adrienne Bond, Jim Key, and others

Young Adult Class – This will be a Sunday School class geared mainly for Young Adults. More details coming soon! – Palmer Patio with Emily Gordon

Great Wednesdays at Palmer - 7:00 pm-8:15 pm

Great Wednesday begins Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blessed Are the Peacemakers - Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” You are invited to explore what it might look like to takes these words of Jesus seriously in the world today. The Rev. Neil Alan Willard, Rector of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, and Stuart Kensinger, a member of Palmer’s Vestry and Co-Director of Jerusalem Peacebuilders, will be facilitating this series of conversations and presentations. In this weekly gathering, we will be learning some of the skills Mr. Kensinger brings to the table through his experience of helping to lead peace camps that are comprised of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim young people from the Holy Land and the United States. We will ask ourselves difficult questions, and hearing not only from one another but also from several guest speakers from the community along the way. Living together in peace as Jews, Christians, and Muslims isn’t just about daily life in Jerusalem and the hopes of the people who live there about the future. It’s also about daily life in the City of Houston. It’s about the neighborhoods in which we live and the offices in which we work and the future that we want to create together. - St. Bede's with The Reverend Neil Willard and Stuart Kensinger

Women in Early Christianity – This class explores the activity of women in the early church as witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus, missionaries, teachers, ascetics, martyrs, and deacons. We explore the historical context of women in the Greco-Roman world and will study early Christian texts, and we will discuss the activity of women in the contemporary Church. Please note that this class will be a little heavier on the teaching and lighter on the discussion time, and a small amount of reading will be required. - Room A202 with The Reverend Alex Easley

Pilgrim – All adults (including youth ages 16 and older) interested in being confirmed, received or reaffirmed in the Episcopal Church are invited to join The Rev. Liz Parker and fellow travelers who desire to know and follow the way of Jesus. Pilgrim is an innovative and inspiring program that approaches the great issues of faith not through persuasion but by participation in a pattern of contemplation and discussion with others. This Great Wednesday offering is open to all. It is designed to prepare seekers, new Christians and those new to the Episcopal Church for confirmation, but a commitment to be confirmed isn’t a prerequisite. This group can also benefit any pilgrim who desires to discover or deepen their understanding of the Christian journey. – Room A201 with The Reverend Liz Parker

Palmer Writing Group - Writing might be a solitary pursuit, but one of the joys of the writing life is coming together with others for encouragement and feedback on your work. These meetings begin with a weekly prompt to get the creative juices flowing and also allow time for people to share outside individual projects with the group. – Palmer Library with Emily Gordon

Standing on Holy Ground – Art, Faith, and Mystery – Join us for this special Great Wednesday offering as we reflect on ten different works of art (one each week) that resides in the Houston Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Looking through the lenses of faith, mystery, justice, and more, we will explore these works and the artists that created them. On a date, yet to be determined, we will go to the Houston Museum of Art to see these works in person. Roger Hutchison, Palmer’s Director of Christian Formation and Parish Life and Gretta Boshara, a Palmer parishioner and Docent for the Houston Museum of Art are facilitating this class. – Room 102