Our Mission:

To Know and to Share the Love of Jesus Christ

Welcome to Palmer Church.

We are a community of Christian faith on a journey to discovery, growing, advancing as we go.

Please join us.

Be you new or experienced with our tradition you are a vital part of us. Here we hope to support and invite you further. Here we hope to enkindle involvement and practice, prayer and study and connection. If you wish to know more please fill out a Connection Card in the pew just facing you and give it to a greeter outside. Help us to welcome you.

Blessings on your discovery and delight.

Medical Center Visitors: If you or a family member are here for care at the Medical Center, please stop by the Palmer Medical Center Ministries table in front and let us know how we can support you while you are here. You may also contact Suzie Dennis by email at sdennis@palmerchurch.org or through the church office.