Palmer Youth


Palmer Youth

Youth Christian Formation

Grades 6-12 (Youth Room/Holy Cross)

Sunday School 

10:00 - 11:00 AM

Study Hall 

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Episcopal Youth community (EYC) 

12:00 - 1:30 pM

Youth Ministry at Palmer is all about play and community-building as we explore our faith in the Risen Christ. Students in grades 6th-12th are invited to join us at Sunday mornings, at our Sunday evening youth activities, outreach projects, lock-ins, sports outings, and the various other ways we spend time together. See the contact info for our youth ministry team for more information and any questions you may have. 

Sunday School: Sunday mornings between the 10:00 and 11:00 service in the Youth Room. Gather with each other over snacks as we explore the world of the Bible and the church through games and discussion.

EYC: Sunday afternoons from 5:30-7:00PM in the Youth Room. Join us for an evening of community building. We gather, play games, discuss issues of the faith, share a meal, and share in prayer. Dinners provided.


Paint the Youth Room

We will be painting two of the walls in the Youth Room on this coming Sunday, March 4. Youth please have clothes to paint in with you. It's the first step in the changing of the look in the youth room. Also, remember wee are still considering a name for the youth room so if you have any ideas make sure to let me and David know. 

Confirmation Retreat

Confirmation Retreat is April 6-8 for all High School students who haven't been confirmed so email David or I if you or someone you know has interest in that. We already have a decent numbers of names which is great! We could always use more though! Happening and Y.E.S dates are April 13-15th and the intermediate retreat, which is for 4th-6th graders, is March 2-4 if you know anyone that would be interested in that! 

Youth Room Bean Bags

Also, David and I have met about Youth making personal bean bag chairs for seating in the youth room and want to keep moving forward with it. Part of this idea is that this would be the youth's to have and use over the years and eventually take with them when they leave home for college or the world as a gift from us to remind them of their church community. Due to schedules we have decided that it would be best to cut fabric on April 29th and sew on May 6th. This is pushed back from the original schedule, but works best with the women helping us and lending us sewing machines. Also, the 29th is the last Sunday of April so we usually would go out that Sunday for lunch. This means that in April we will go out the 22nd instead. We thought it would be better if the youth picked their own fabric for the chairs to use. If cost for buying the cover fabric is an issue then reach out to me or David and we can help with that. The cover fabric needs to be 6 yards of 54-60 inch width. And it needs to be thick (twill, denim, corduroy, canvas) not fleece or anything thin like that. If you need help picking out the right fabric there will be people at the Joann's off I-10 at 9960 Old Katy Road Houston 77055 in the afternoon on March 24th. I realize that's the same day as the march, but we could get lunch in between as a youth group and make a day out of it if that works for people. Or you could just go to one. Let me know what you think. We could also see about moving the Joann's date if that would be better. 


Youth Ministry Team 

Davis Mathis: Director of Youth Ministries


The Rev’d David Wantland: Curate