Stewardship Updates


Stewardship Updates

Together We Gather!

November 7, 2018:

Together we… welcome.

Our 2019 pledge campaign is off to a great start. To date we have received $1,105,416 in pledges (61% of our goal of $1.8 million) from 183 families (58% of our goal of 315). We are slightly ahead of where we were last year at this time, and we have almost twice as many new pledges as we had for 2018. Over 30% of our pledges show an increase in their giving. If you haven't already sent in your pledge, we urge you to do so as soon as possible because the vestry will need to approve a budget for 2019 next month. We hope that the parish will support the many ministries that rely on your gifts.  You can mail or email your pledge to our Finance Manager Jessica Evans ( , 713-529-6196, ext 111) or pledge online at the Palmer website under the GIVE tab. Feel free to reach out to Jessica if you need any assistance.