Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting





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Upon the unanimous recommendation of the medical and public health professionals at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church who have been advising the Rector throughout the current pandemic, and in consultation with the Senior and Junior Wardens, the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, January 23, will be held at 12:30 PM online rather than in person. With one exception, we will follow the same guidelines that were used last year and that were provided by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas for holding an online Annual Meeting. So the Annual Meeting will take place in a webinar format on Zoom, which means that registration ahead of time is required. Several reports on the parish will be presented orally at the Annual Meeting, and the entire Annual Report will be available on Palmer’s website at

The only difference this year is that, per the Diocese, we are able to resume offering early voting on the previous Sunday, January 16, from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM, either online or in person, for those who cannot be present for the Annual Meeting or who do not have enough devices for multiple voters in their households to use for voting during the Annual Meeting. There will be a special email from the church on Friday with detailed instructions about how to cast an absentee ballot online and also with a link to video presentations of the Vestry candidates. For those who are unable to cast their absentee ballot online, parishioners representing the Vestry will be at the Welcome Table in front of the Church from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM in order to make available early voting with a paper ballot. 

The following persons are nominated to serve on the Vestry of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church and to serve as Lay Delegates from Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church to the Annual Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. All nominees have consented to their nominations and have given assurance that, if elected to the offices or positions for which nominated, they will serve faithfully. Please see the Annual Meeting notice for detailed biographies of the nominees.


Vestry Nominees

(Five persons are to be elected to serve three-year terms, 2022-2025.)

Elizabeth Wilby (Bet) Hunter

Andrew Montgomery (Andy) Williams

Pamela Jill Barber Harvey

Marie Olivia DeCrescenzo (Marie) Wehrung

Margaret McIntosh (Margie) French-Dieter

George Van Kirk (Kirk) Waldron

David Andrew Candler

Catherine Ruth Thompson

Thomas A. (Tom) Jackson

Abigail Ruth Follmar


Lay Delegate Nominees

(Two persons are to be elected to serve two-year terms, 2022-2023, and two persons will serve as Alternate Delegates for one-year terms, 2022.)**

Helen Lawrence Toombs

David Landis

Catherine Lynne (Cathy) Troisi

David Lee Palma

Kathy O’Keefe Herrin

J. Victor Lamas


**Each year the Parish sends four Lay Delegates to the Annual Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Denise Zwicker and Catherine Beebe, Palmer's two Lay Delegates elected in 2021, will complete their two-year terms with their service in 2022.