Summer Webinars: Navigating Life Together and Apart These Days

Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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Over the summer, our church staff will have three conversations with guests Trisha Taylor and Jim Herrington about ministry in the midst of COVID-19. They will also offer three Zoom webinars for the whole congregation on these Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 PM:

June 24 — Grace and Space

All of us have to negotiate time together and time apart, negotiating the “me” and “we” of our relationships. That’s harder than ever as we are staying home more and the rhythms of marriages and friendships are changing.

July 15 — Not Just Stress . . . Grief and Loss in a Stay-at-Home World

A conversation about grief and loss, especially with our new limitations. We’ll cover everything from losing a loved one to losing an anticipated vacation and all the losses in between. 

August 12 — Re-entry . . . Changing Our Expectations”

What do we want to keep from this experience? We can shape a new post-pandemic reality by refusing to go back to “normal” and retaining practices from our time out. 

Trisha and Jim are coaches, consultants, ordained ministers and learners. They have worked together for about 20 years, helping ministers and congregations grow in emotional and spiritual maturity. They have co-authored two books: The Leader's Journey and Learning Change. Jim has served as a denominational executive and as the founder of Mission Houston and Faithwalking. Trisha is a co-founder of Faithwalking and also a professional counselor in private practice. They are married to the loves of their lives and have grown children (and Jim has six grandchildren). You can learn more about them at

Please contact Roger Hutchison with any questions you might have.