Women's Spirituality Group


Women's Spirituality Group

The Women’s Spirituality Group meets every Monday following the noon Eucharist—1:15 until 2:30 pm. All women are welcome to join us!

How it all began…

Some time ago, a number of women of all ages gathered together to form a community in which to pray, to study, to meditate, to share, to laugh, and to cry, seeking to grow together in Christ.

While we have read and studied many books and lectures series over the years, the real text of the group is “How is God working in our lives and our community?”

We go places, too…

During Advent, we have an off campus day retreat at a member’s home, and during Lent we have an overnight retreat. Our most recent retreat was at Cenacle House.

Please contact Eleanor Viebig or Michelle Lynn to find out more about the Women’s Spirituality Group.