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From the Rector #35

Posted by The Reverend Neil A. Willard on

Christmas has finally arrived here in the Lone Star State. Last night, the four services at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston were filled with people who came there on Christmas Eve seeking something — most looking for the manger, many desiring a little peace, and quite a few unsure of what they were hoping to find on the other side of those doors. For all of them, however, grace and forgiveness were on the menu along with more than enough love for the whole world. This feast was spread out on the table thanks to the holy child whose birth we celebrated with carols of joy to God and greetings of good will toward one another.

Today my wife and I will watch our children play with their new Lego sets and other toys while the colorful lights on our Christmas tree continue to shine. It was a great day. What made it even more wonderful was that we already knew that Love awaits us behind the doors marked December 25, December 26, December 27 . . .