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The Gifts of God: You Matter to Us

Posted by Pamela Harvey on

God nudged Jack and me to Palmer through a series of seeming coincidences, where we found a wonderful, nurturing community. Over the past decade and a half, we have married, had children, watched them grow, dealt with illness and death, and had personal successes and failures. The people of Palmer and God have been with us through it all, good and bad. Our lives would not be complete without these people and this place. Without you. You matter to this place, and you matter to us.

During Advent we practice patience as we wait for the birth of our Lord. This patience is tinged with excitement about the future, the same excitement we feel about Palmer and its future. Our ministries, service, mission, and community combine to more than the sum of it's parts; they blend to make Palmer a special place. We are excited about the future of Palmer, and we hope you are too!